just hang on a minute!

to the approximately thirty people who check my blog on a regular basis: thank you for your patience during this, my most recent lull in posting. I've just been taking care of some shit around here, you know? Studying for the GRE, painting my dining room pink April Blush, preparing to host my very first thanksgiving. It's been busy! But I'll soon be back on track. I'm even getting started on my holiday gift guides already, for you shoppers out there, omg! 

so, don't give up on me, you guys!


tricks, treats, and selfies

Happy November!

First of all, please excuse the selfie--this year, instead of getting ready with a bunch of tipsy twenty-somethings (*sigh*) I prepared for Halloween with a sweetheart of a toddler who, shrewd though he may be, still hasn't mastered the art of smart-phone-photography. As it turns out, I got all dolled up for nothing--we didn't even go trick-or-treating! I think the rain, and a persistent case of the sniffles, had something to do with the decision. Instead, Felix decreed that we indulge in our typical Thursday night ritual: an apple juice at the bar while we wait for daddy to get off work (an extra special treat these days, as we recently put the kaibosh on at-home-juicing, per Doctor Glick's instruction). I'm a little disappointed by the lack of fun-sized snickers around the house, but for the sake of Felix's little baby teeth, it's probably for the best. I'm sure Doctor Glick would agree.

However! I did  discover something thanks to my erroneous 'mommy black cat' costume, which should serve us all well as the weather turns cooler: xhilaration fleece-lined leggings. They're amazing! Somehow, the fleece doesn't add any bulk, so they look just like normal leggings, but so so so much warmer.  At under $10, they're worth every penny. I've been wearing mine all week!

Do yourself a favor, guys!