tricks, treats, and selfies

Happy November!

First of all, please excuse the selfie--this year, instead of getting ready with a bunch of tipsy twenty-somethings (*sigh*) I prepared for Halloween with a sweetheart of a toddler who, shrewd though he may be, still hasn't mastered the art of smart-phone-photography. As it turns out, I got all dolled up for nothing--we didn't even go trick-or-treating! I think the rain, and a persistent case of the sniffles, had something to do with the decision. Instead, Felix decreed that we indulge in our typical Thursday night ritual: an apple juice at the bar while we wait for daddy to get off work (an extra special treat these days, as we recently put the kaibosh on at-home-juicing, per Doctor Glick's instruction). I'm a little disappointed by the lack of fun-sized snickers around the house, but for the sake of Felix's little baby teeth, it's probably for the best. I'm sure Doctor Glick would agree.

However! I did  discover something thanks to my erroneous 'mommy black cat' costume, which should serve us all well as the weather turns cooler: xhilaration fleece-lined leggings. They're amazing! Somehow, the fleece doesn't add any bulk, so they look just like normal leggings, but so so so much warmer.  At under $10, they're worth every penny. I've been wearing mine all week!

Do yourself a favor, guys! 

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  1. Those Target fleece-lined leggings are my favorite clothing items right now. I even wore a pair to your house on Thanksgiving! And then got a hole in the knee. I wanted to cry.

    Thanks for having us over, it was fantastic.