Sweater Girl

Sorry if it seems like international-vogue-week here on SBC, but this editorial in the september issue of Chinese Vogue, Elegant Weaving, is so back-to-school-autumnal it makes my face hurt and makes me want to get a perm like, now. Fei Fei Sun looks like a modern-day Donna Hayward, dont you think?

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cant look you in the voice

 In this telegram, sent to her editor in June 1945, Dorothy Parker (my hero of life, in case you didnt know) perfectly describes why it is I feel so much more comfortable communicating with my friends, or family, or anyone, for that matter, in print rather than on the telephone: its simply too intense for me! Maybe I dont seem it so maybe people dont realize, but Im actually very shy! But, only on the telephone. Theres just something about it. Actually, the anxiety of calling someone on the telephone is always worse than the actual conversations, which are usually quite jolly. But whenever I know Im meant to phone someone, I suddenly get very nervous about it and think of any excuse not to. Really, its very rude, and I appologize to anyone who has learned this about me first hand... but I just will always always prefer an old-fashioned letter, even if its sent over the internet (though ideally, it wont be). I just wish more people felt the same way about snailmail! You can read more correspondence by Ms Parker, and many others, on letters of note, a wonderful blog that is about to be a book (arent they all these days?). 

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babealert: JGL

So I dont know about you guys, but Ive had a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt since 1994 (the year he starred in Angels in the Outfield, a film you may or may not remember) and (not surprisingly) he just keeps getting cuter and cuter--case in point, this super-sexxxy photo shoot he did with Claudia Schiffer for GQ four years ago. Honestly, I didnt see 50/50 as I tend not to watch movies about cancer (sorry?) but I did see him play Robin in the latest batman and now Im ready for more! To that end, Chase and I have a tentative movie date to go see Looper on Sunday--it looks so cool! Want to see the trailer? Welp, here it is: 

Not really sure how they made him look like a young Bruce Willis (makeup? computers?) and the resulting effect is somewhat less adorable; he looks decidedly more like himself in his other movie, Premium Rush, which doesnt seem as exciting, but which I would also go see in a heartbeat, just so long as I had a babysitter.

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makeshift (mag)ic

You can always read your horoscope in a magazine, of course. But did you know Italian Vogue will read you your tarot? Its only a one-card spread, and Im sure that in real life, you have to touch the cards with your own bare hands for them to work right, and also the artwork in this deck is a little wanabe-french-cafe-in-the-nineties for my taste (or something)... but, as Ive lost my deck somewhere across the atlantic, I suppose itll do in a  pinch. 

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Jules Juliens Japanese Lithographs

Arent these illustrations of Louis Vuittons a/w 2012 collection cool, and so so beautiful? Jules Julien did them using an ancient japanese style of lithography, for the also cool and Japanese magazine, Commons & Sense. I love the tiny buildings, rivers, and skyscapes... it makes the ladies seem like magical mystical giants. Or, something. And seeing those goofy hats in silhouette makes me think theyre not quite as goofy. 

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Kasia Struss for Russian Vogue

The big and boxy silhouette in this fashion story for the September issue of Russian Vogue looks so cozy and feels just right for right now. I think Id have to be a little taller to sport such baggy clothing from head to toe... but anyone would look good in that giant cerulean coat (especially me). Also, that chunky funnel-necked fisherman jumper is perfect.

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Party Shoes

Love these Democrat, Republican, and Undecided slippers from Stubbs&Wootton... and smoking slippers in general, actually, which are better (than ballets) for fall as they cover more of your feet--despite the increasing cold I just cant seem to start wearing shoes that require socks until November  election day. And theyd make a great gift for your more politically-minded frenns, if only you could afford to spend $400 on a gift for someone else... or, on anything...

As Im not an American citizen, Im not allowed to vote--and anyway, Ive already made my mind up--but I think I like the undecided pair the best!

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AIGA alphabet

These posters, advertising an AIGA-sponsored exhibit of experimental typography and hand-drawn lettering back in may, would look so good hanging up in a kitchen. I love the alternation between positive and negative space. And dont they remind you of this typography project by Nurio Bringue? I wish I couldve seen the actual show... are you allowed to hang up posters to events you didnt actually attend???
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Pure Rugs

Lately Ive been thinking a lot about the house Chase and I hope to own one day (in the abstract, of course... we havent actually found it yet) and all of the things Ill put in it once we do. Being an interior designer is a yet-to-be-realized dream of mine, you see. Mostly, I think about all of the things I want for our kitchen: Shiny new kitchenaid stand-mixer, copper mixing bowls, everything by le creuset, et cetera. But I recently saw one of these Pure patchwork cowhide area rugs in the latest installment of The Glow, and I couldnt take my eyes off it, and it got me thinking about the rest of our house as well. Arent they beautiful?


Like pure works of art. As prices arent listed on the website, Im sure they cost a fortune, and Im totally not sure how I feel about having a cowhide rug in real life... but as my dream home definitely has wood floors, wed need a decent rug, and these would last forever and ever (and theyre naturally stain resistant). Plus, how unbelievably cozy would one of their sheepskin rugs be in the wintertime? 

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to Edinburgh!

Did you know? In just over two weeks, Chase, Felix and I are going to Edinburgh! Our friend mary is studying there and has kindly offered to put us up for a long (five-day) weekend. I cant wait to visit Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop an extinct volcano, and I would love to walk out to Cramond Island, which is only accessible at low tide--though Im secretly a little afraid of getting stuck out there with Felix! Can you imagine?! The Camera Obscura is a safer bet, I think--or even better (due to free admission) the Royal Botanic Gardens! Of course, staying with friends means were free to spend our travel budget on sightseeing... but, really, we plan to spend it on food! Edinburgh sounds like a good foodie town, and Id love to try some of the more upscale dining (the menu at Timberyard sounds delicious...) but as well have Felix with us, well be on the lookout for child-friendly eateries; both the haven cafe and urban angel seem to fit our bill nicely, and Id like to try the dogs, if only for my sisters sake. But what Im secretly looking forward to the most is shopping at I. J. Mellis cheesemongers, then choosing from more than 40 different varieties of sausage at crombies butcher shop, and taking a picnic to either of the Princes street gardens--I just hope the weather is still nice enough in October! Keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

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whats my color?!

I know exactly what my husbands color is: a pale-ish-greeny-blue that matches his eyes exactly. People with blue or green eyes are lucky in that regard, because they always have at least one color they know for certain looks good on them. But, its hard when you have brown eyes, because its not as easy to know what colors suit you the best. I mean, what am I supposed to wear all the time, brown? Yeah, right! In the little house books (which I read and re-read as a child) Laura always wore red, while her sister Mary always wore blue; this was because their mother felt the colors suited their brown and blonde hair, respectively... and I think Ma had a point. Look how amazing each of these ladies look:

They really pop, as it were. I think its important, or at least, useful, to know your best shade, for times when you know you want to look especially great. But what if you dont like red... or, if you dont like it as much? As blue, I mean. Do you wear the color you like the best, or the color that looks the best on you? Which, do you think, is really more important? That is to say, what would inspire more confidence in you? 

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the platonic silk shirt

Silk is easily my favorite clothing material; its so beautiful and comfortable and chic. Look how good elin kling looks in hers! The only thing I really own in silk is a sleeveless shell top I bought for probably one dollar at a charity shop back home. I cant wear it in the winter! Its sad! I used to have a huge cream-colored silk blouse from the same shop, but its since gone missing, and it was too big anyway. What Im saying is, I want need a proper silk blouse so badly! I mean, look how good elin kling looks in hers (from hip swedish designer Filippa K, and way out of my price range):

Its the perfect thing, right? I figure, whenever I do end up buying one, since theyre usually pretty expensive, it will be my only one--its got to be the Perfect One. My requirements:

-neutral color that goes with everything 
-boyish cut that is slouchy, but fits well
-probably button-up...?
-made of 100% purest silk
-price-wise, hopefully a hundo-or-less

I feel this silk shirt by Zara isnt exactly perfect, though it technically meets all of my requirements, but it  nonetheless makes it onto my list because somehow, despite being made of 100% pure mulberry silk, it only costs £49.95, and so would certainly do:

However, if were talking actual perfection, so far it seems that the J.Crew/Madewell family is my best bet: theirs are cut exactly how I want mine, though are, unfortunately, twice as much as the zara one. Bummer. My two favorites are this slouchy washed silk boyshirt, by Madewell--washed silk has the best texture and I love the pale purpley-blue shade

and this French-hen print silk boyshirt by Jcrew. Navy and white (the best combo) with the sweetest print that reminds me of princess Dianas sheep jumper, (in a good way), this  may be the actual perfect one!

I want it! Badly!

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imlovinit: Elle Fanning for Lolita Lempicka

E.F. is very captivating in this, and looks like an elf or something, but I especially love the windy windy trees and the magical/foreboding music. Plus, I always remember liking the perfume. I only wish she wasnt wearing those shorts, maybe? The costume doesnt seem very considered to me. Whatev!

by Yoann Lemoine, Music by Woodkid


nerd alert, continued

So, all I can really think about these days is Game of Thrones (the in-my-brain title for the book series, not the television series, even though I know that the books are actually called A Song of Ice and Fire, but its just that I watched the first season of the television series before I started reading the novels (sorry) and plus, its easier to say game-of-thrones than it is to say a-song-of-ice-and-fire). Anyway, the show-version is okay... but, just ok, really. Especially after youve read the series, its a little too glossy and a little too cheesy, in a way I cant really put my finger on, and doesnt really capture fully the creepy scary rawness of the stories. When I imagine the books in my mind, they look more like a Eliot Lee Hazel film, if only Eliot Lee Hazel made movies instead of taking fuzzy, dreamy, sort-of-scary photographs. His work isnt all so fantastical, but some of it is exactly what Im talking about. Like this:

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speaking of some designers all doing the same thing, I noticed something about the collections from two prominent American designers: Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors seem to have a very similar idea about what we should be wearing next spring. Yes, the Michael Kors show had a lot more color and variation throughout, and was perhaps more commercially accessible; and sure, Marc Jacobs was clownier, more conceptual (and, in my opinion, the cooler of the two). But take a look at these side-by-side images from these two collections, and tell me Im wrong: it could almost pass for one big show!

Chase thinks the cause of this and other similarities among designers, season by season, is an independent third party (or, perhaps, a coalition of the more influential design houses) that convene periodically to decide what will be In in any given season, and then instruct/inform the industry as to what trends they should pursue. To me that sounds wrong, but then again, doesnt it make sense? I only wish I knew what really goes on!

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