whats my color?!

I know exactly what my husbands color is: a pale-ish-greeny-blue that matches his eyes exactly. People with blue or green eyes are lucky in that regard, because they always have at least one color they know for certain looks good on them. But, its hard when you have brown eyes, because its not as easy to know what colors suit you the best. I mean, what am I supposed to wear all the time, brown? Yeah, right! In the little house books (which I read and re-read as a child) Laura always wore red, while her sister Mary always wore blue; this was because their mother felt the colors suited their brown and blonde hair, respectively... and I think Ma had a point. Look how amazing each of these ladies look:

They really pop, as it were. I think its important, or at least, useful, to know your best shade, for times when you know you want to look especially great. But what if you dont like red... or, if you dont like it as much? As blue, I mean. Do you wear the color you like the best, or the color that looks the best on you? Which, do you think, is really more important? That is to say, what would inspire more confidence in you? 

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