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Did you hear about The Great Food series that penguin released a few months ago? I didnt know anything about it until I stumbled across one of the covers on pinterest the other day. The series is comprised of twenty works which represent the finest in food writing from the past 400 years, all of whose covers were beautifully designed by Coralie Bickford Smith

Theyre all so beautiful (and very english looking, in my opinion)--plus, dont they look nice all together in this lovely boxed set? £140 is more than Ive spent on just a bunch of books since collge... but wouldnt they be such the perfect gift for your very favorite nerd/foodie(s)?
Youve got from now til christmas to save up. 
And whilst were on the subject of food in literature, I cant wait for the upcoming release of Grimm Tales for Young and Old, a collection of classic Brothers Grimms fairy tales, retooled by award-winning childrens author Phillip Pullman (also, check the cool paper artwork on the cover): 
Apart from loving fairy tales in their own right, and re-tellings of old stories, generally, the reason Im so excited about this project is the review I read about it in stella magazine a few weeks back, in which The Kitchen Thinker Bee Wison focuses on the special attention Pullman paid to the foodie details of the fifty stories he chose to rewrite. In one tale, he changes a greedy stepsisters picnic of bread and cake into chicken-liver pate sandwiches and chocolate cake. In another, he fleshes out the details of a meal conjured by a magical goat: leek soup, roast chicken, and strawberries and cream. Delicious! In her review, Wilson goes on to discuss the importance of hunger as it pervades the fairytales, serving as a driving force for many of the characters actions. Its a good column, and you can read the whole of it here.

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