a portrait of ice/winter is coming

So its september, almost october, and the nights are getting longer (and colder!) by the day. Im also finally reading A Dance With Dragons, the last installment of the Song of Ice and Fire series, which I assume youve probably heard of by now (duh)--anyway, all I can think of right now is the winter! It helps that I know that the winter will bring for us a new home, and a new adventure. Plus, this is the first winter that felix will be able to play in the snow for real, which will be so sweet! (here he is last year, looking adorable. Babies in snowsuits are. the. best.)
What Im saying is, I was in the perfect mood to see this photography series-turned-book, A Portrait of Ice, by Caleb Cain Marcus. These photographs, taken all over the wintry world, look like beautiful, abstract paintings. I love how much of the frame is taken up by whitest sky, so characteristically wintry. 

Dont they give you the chills? Its just how the land-beyond-the-wall probably looks, amirite? (nerdalert) 

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