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So I dont know about you guys, but Ive had a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt since 1994 (the year he starred in Angels in the Outfield, a film you may or may not remember) and (not surprisingly) he just keeps getting cuter and cuter--case in point, this super-sexxxy photo shoot he did with Claudia Schiffer for GQ four years ago. Honestly, I didnt see 50/50 as I tend not to watch movies about cancer (sorry?) but I did see him play Robin in the latest batman and now Im ready for more! To that end, Chase and I have a tentative movie date to go see Looper on Sunday--it looks so cool! Want to see the trailer? Welp, here it is: 

Not really sure how they made him look like a young Bruce Willis (makeup? computers?) and the resulting effect is somewhat less adorable; he looks decidedly more like himself in his other movie, Premium Rush, which doesnt seem as exciting, but which I would also go see in a heartbeat, just so long as I had a babysitter.

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