the platonic silk shirt

Silk is easily my favorite clothing material; its so beautiful and comfortable and chic. Look how good elin kling looks in hers! The only thing I really own in silk is a sleeveless shell top I bought for probably one dollar at a charity shop back home. I cant wear it in the winter! Its sad! I used to have a huge cream-colored silk blouse from the same shop, but its since gone missing, and it was too big anyway. What Im saying is, I want need a proper silk blouse so badly! I mean, look how good elin kling looks in hers (from hip swedish designer Filippa K, and way out of my price range):

Its the perfect thing, right? I figure, whenever I do end up buying one, since theyre usually pretty expensive, it will be my only one--its got to be the Perfect One. My requirements:

-neutral color that goes with everything 
-boyish cut that is slouchy, but fits well
-probably button-up...?
-made of 100% purest silk
-price-wise, hopefully a hundo-or-less

I feel this silk shirt by Zara isnt exactly perfect, though it technically meets all of my requirements, but it  nonetheless makes it onto my list because somehow, despite being made of 100% pure mulberry silk, it only costs £49.95, and so would certainly do:

However, if were talking actual perfection, so far it seems that the J.Crew/Madewell family is my best bet: theirs are cut exactly how I want mine, though are, unfortunately, twice as much as the zara one. Bummer. My two favorites are this slouchy washed silk boyshirt, by Madewell--washed silk has the best texture and I love the pale purpley-blue shade

and this French-hen print silk boyshirt by Jcrew. Navy and white (the best combo) with the sweetest print that reminds me of princess Dianas sheep jumper, (in a good way), this  may be the actual perfect one!

I want it! Badly!

images via here, here  here & here

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