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whether or not you believe in it, the Zodiac is a great source of aesthetic inspiration. And Im not the only one who thinks so--have you noticed that nearly every single fashion magazine features a monthly horoscope? Why should that be, I wonder... its kind of strange, if you think about it. But like it or not, the zodiac is perpetually stylish. Im not the only one who thinks so, either--take birthday boy Karl Lagerfeld, proud virgo and mastermind behind the 2010 Under The Lion show, which featured an impressive 18-meter-high golden lion, in honor of Coco Chanels own star sign:
but Karl exposed his passion for the Zodiac five years before that, having (in typical virgo fashion) carefully and thoroughly orchestrated Its All in the Stars, a horoscope of a fashion spread for Harpers Bazaar, along with the scorpio Glenda Bailey. Not only does the story feature a designer for every star sign, the models for each of those signs were also born under them. Here it is in its entirety, if you want to see (I know its a lot of pictures but its not my fault there are twelve signs): 
and apart from Aquarius/spoilsport Narcisco Rodriguez, every designer seems to identify with their sign enthusiastically. So why is it, exactly, that the Zodiac is so stylish, do you think?

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