There are probably a lot of you who dont share my obsession with all things color-related, so Im sorry if this bores you... but I recently stumbled upon, and was subsequently blown away by the ultrabright, a website devoted entirely to color. It offers in-depth discussion on all manner of color-related topics and sources. For example, their inspiration portion features articles on a varied pool of subjects, both specific and abstract: from washed-out neons at the brimfield antique fair
to the bleached, sun-kissed and aged colors indicative of the modern modesty trend, upon which they elaborate at length, to my delight.
The subjects of the analysis section are equally varied: from the palettes resulting from the combination of man-made and natural materials at the frieze art fair, NY
to color trends at Paris fashion week
more prophetic than observant is their forecast portion, in which they outline what they believe will be the main color trends of the next season. This fall we will be seeing a lot of aubergine 
 Pink Maroon
and perhaps my favorite, neon indigo
among others. Finally, the history portion addresses the colors associated with varied historical figures, from marie antoinette
to diana vreeland 
as well as the history of color-production; I found the article on cochineal particularly interesting. 
I could read it for hours and hours and hours and if I were to work for any single site in the world, this would be it. Its perfect! 

images via theultrabright

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