which is your favorite ocean?

Back in high school, a good friend of mine and I had a conversation about our differences when it came to ocean preference. She favored a warm, turquoise-and-gold, tropical coast, whereas I felt I was more drawn to what she termed Edgar Allen Poe beaches: ie, jagged cliffs, rough, choppy waters, and dark grey skies. Though that was always a bit of an overstatement, I must say that I do prefer a rougher, less tropical coastline, aesthetically speaking--though, really, all I wanted all summer was something more mediterranean: that is to say, vaguely rough and tumble but with plenty of sun and sand. Something like the beaches featured in these two birds-eye-view photography series, from Christian Chaize and Maison Gray, respectively:
 But for all these images sunny day, rainbow-canopied glory, due to my aforementioned proclivity for a more rugged ocean scene, I find the work of photographer-slash-fisherman Corey Arnold far more compelling. His ocean is less about coastal mediterranean-style lounging, and more about the dark and dynamic waters (presumably) familiar to fisherfolk.
I could stare at that last photo all day. Corey Arnolds is the ocean I like the most, and looking at these pictures makes me not even care that swimming in the Irish sea is nearly always unbearable (and was practically impossible this summer)--after all, thats not even what its really for!

images via here, here & here

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