google glass

Maybe im totes obliv but I didnt know about GoogleGlass until I saw the models all wearing it (them?) at DVF spring 2013 show at new york fashion week. What it is, as you may already know, is an augmented reality head mounted display, or HMD. Sexy, right? Actually, though I dont find it necessarily so aesthetically appealing, I do think its cool that the models recorded their perspectives as they walked the catwalk--the footage of which is being turned into a short film. Its a perspective one rarely sees of runway shows, and I think thats going to be interesting. At least, a little. BUT, what I dont like about this project as a whole is how confusing it will be if Glass becomes widely used--you know how weird it is when someone is using a bluetooth but you dont know it? I feel like people are just going to be staring ahead of themselves, without really looking in front of them. We certainly dont need more devices that make it possible to completely disconnect oneself from ones surroundings, in my opinion. That said, the technology is impressive... and at least its hands free! Because using your hands is so hard and everyone hates it.
plus, NERDALERT. amirite?!

info via here (&wiki), images via here & here

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