Pure Rugs

Lately Ive been thinking a lot about the house Chase and I hope to own one day (in the abstract, of course... we havent actually found it yet) and all of the things Ill put in it once we do. Being an interior designer is a yet-to-be-realized dream of mine, you see. Mostly, I think about all of the things I want for our kitchen: Shiny new kitchenaid stand-mixer, copper mixing bowls, everything by le creuset, et cetera. But I recently saw one of these Pure patchwork cowhide area rugs in the latest installment of The Glow, and I couldnt take my eyes off it, and it got me thinking about the rest of our house as well. Arent they beautiful?


Like pure works of art. As prices arent listed on the website, Im sure they cost a fortune, and Im totally not sure how I feel about having a cowhide rug in real life... but as my dream home definitely has wood floors, wed need a decent rug, and these would last forever and ever (and theyre naturally stain resistant). Plus, how unbelievably cozy would one of their sheepskin rugs be in the wintertime? 

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