Pure Fruit

Here is a one hour documentary about my very own barefoot, raw vegan fruitarian uncle, Mango, and his partner Kveta, filmed by Emile Boaker. I will write more about this tomorrow, but for now, take a moment (an hour) and watch it!

can you even imagine?



This photo series by Hana Pesut is totes trippy. Especially the ones where three or four people switch around their outfits. Its hard to keep track!

pretty cool, right?



When youre the mother of a sweet little baby, you come to fully appreciate the functionality of totes. Used properly, they can save you from the need to carrying one of those cloyingly ugly diaper bags that for some reason are decorated like the baby is the one carrying it around, not his fully grown adult mother with at least a little self respect. Anyway.

What Im trying to say is that Ive become pretty well-versed in the tote market of late. I like a leather tote for normal daytime (especially in the winter) but for my impending summer holidays at the seaside that I cant stop thinking about even though theyre months away, cotton/canvas totes feel more appropriate. These handmade coil sash rope numbers by Doug Johnston are perfect:

Offered in a limited color palette (white, grey, and restrained primaries) these simple bags are the antithesis of all of the horrid diaper bags I was talking about earlier. I also love the color blocking! And it isnt just totes His entire collection is definitely worth a look. I especially love this two-hump basket: 

images via dougjohnson.net


cutecutecute: EVA Air

This plane looks like it was decorated by a giant six year old armed with a giant booklet of Sanrio stickers. Its one of three in EVA Airs Taipei-based Hello Kitty-themed fleet: Magic flies to Sapporo and Guam, Apple to Seoul and Fukuoka, and Global to Hong Kong and Tokyo. So youd have to be in the right area to use them. But what if you were?? I imagine its prettttttty expensive, but how adorable! Personally, I already enjoy flying. But I feel like, it would be hard not to on a plane like this. That is, if you appreciate adorability. And who doesnt?? 

look at the seats!
and the paraphernalia! 
even the bathrooms are adorable--look at those little soap bottles!
plus how lucky would you feel to eat one of these baby bento-box kids meals!? Even if it tasted gross, would you notice? I wonder if the adult meals are as adorable...


wish me luck!

this year for lent, I gave up sweeties! If you know me you know that this will be difficult for me, especially because this year, I work in a chocolate shop! Dont worry, Im not really catholic, I just like quitting things (vices, mostly) and lent is a nice time to do it because youre usually in good company. Im off to a good start, having worked four whole hours this evening without eating any chocolate! Its a big deal, people! But Ill stop now before I start sounding like a Cathy comic. Oh, lord...

PS: if, unlike me, youre allowed to eat chocolate, heres a yummy recipe for salted fudge brownies, from Bake or Break, one of my fav dessert blogs. 


Tim Gutts Zodiac

So, this isnt new by any means (its over a year old, in fact) but I love this sort of thing, and I just saw this for the first time. Maybe you havent seen it either, seeing as how its from an issue of British Vogue, which typically costs about fifteen dollars at Barnes and Noble, and sometimes they dont even have it! Whatever!

Anyway, heres a pretty cool editorial by Tim Gutt in which the signs of the zodiac are interpreted through Modern Fashion. I especially like Leo, Taurus, and Aries, while some are too literal for my tastes (Capricorn, for example). But what I really take issue with (and its not just this editorial) is that so often Aquarius is portrayed as a water sign, when really its an air sign. I would argue that the element of any given sign is a pretty important component of its character, but it would seem that the presence of the word aqua is enough to blind people to its true elemental affiliation. For example, here, Aquarius is entirely under water! Plus, whats up with Pisces? I dont get it! 

Here they all are, in order. What do you think?

images via here


I enjoy these prints by Niege Borges featuring my two favorite dances from two of my favorite shows:
The Chicken Dance...

...and the Elaine Dance. 

Dont know if Id actually hang these up in my house (Im a little too old and motherly to be hanging jokey media-related posters in my bedroom, people...) but I think theyd make for a silly card or notebook? Maybe I should get in touch with Neige and suggest he branch out...

images from here



Ive had three pairs like this in my life. The first I bought about four years ago and immediately broke (by sitting on them...) the second I bought a day later to replace the first, and the third I bought about a year later when I thought the second pair had gone missing--which it had, but I found them soon after. Now my second pair is missing again, somewhere across the Atlantic, and my third pair is all scratched and broken and shitty. Not only but especially because Im about to be traveling again, I need a new pair! Of course Id like some from The Row...but here are a few more affordable options ($21.29 each, from asos, of course):
first image from here, second two from asos


like Sophie La Giraffe, another thing I hadnt heard of until I had a baby (actually I found out about sophie while I was pregnant but you know what I mean). When you eat too many orange foods, your nose, the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet can turn orange! It mostly happens to babies, I suppose because a large portion of their diet, when they start eating solid food, is made up of fruit and vegetables. I dont know about your baby (or whether or not you even have one...) but Felix definitely favors orange foods: sweet potatoes, carrots, the orange mixed vegetables but certainly not the green ones, and even oranges themselves. He doesnt actually look orange in real life--its usually more apparent in fairer people, and we have a pretty swarthy baby--but this photograph is evidence of his affliction, albeit invisible to the naked eye. Apparently it goes away if you just stop feeding them orange food... but thats his favorite kind!


happy valentines day!

Happy Valentimes, everyone! 
Dont you just love valentines day? (that wasnt  a pun...) I dont care if its fake or whatever, I think its sweet and jolly and I love any holiday that encourages the use of actual paper stationary. I dont care about your smartphone--people love getting cards in the mail!

Speaking of which: Im way into these aDORKable (can I say that anymore without it being taken as a reference Zooey Deschanel? because I am most certainly NOT referencing Zooey Deschanel) valentines by Nicole Martinez. Available as prints or greeting cards, you can check them out at her etsy shop NerdyDirty. Its a little late to buy them for valentines day this year, but theyll still be cute next year...or, do like I do and simply post them on the facebook walls of all your favorite cuties!


cutecutecute: baby stamps!

I cant even explain how cute I find these handmade stamp sets for sale at etsy shop MemiTheRainbow. Theyre the perfect thing for making precious little homemade cards and letters. Self-proclaimed cuteness aficionado and shop owner Patricia hand-carves all of her adorable stamps in her equally adorable Parisian attic apartment and needless to say, Im a little jealous of her lifestyle.  

P.S. I also love her adorably broken english. Shes an Italian living in Paris, so give her a break. 



Wildfox: summer 2012

Im obsessed with the lookbook for Sirene, Wildfoxs summer 2012 collection. I want it to be my life, forever.  
Inspiration? Mermaids.