infrared photography

I never ever had heard of infrared photography until I saw the work of these three artists. Admittedly,  I dont know much about the different techniques for taking infrared photos (if you like, you can read more about it here) but I gather that by using different filters and methods of digital manipulation you can produce the various color effects you see in these artists work. Though the settings of their land and cityscapes are geographically rather disparate, each uses infrared photography to create altered images that are at once beautiful, bizarre, and a little eerie.

Maria Netsounski shoots tropical locales, and then manipulates them to look cool and wintry. I like the simple color palette, and those darkest skies and whitest palm trees look crazy. These look like scenes of some alien planet youd see in a science fiction movie.

Yiu Yu Hois Hong-Kong cityscapes are more like something out of a dream than science fiction. Like a flash-back scene in an anime, the glowy pastel tones he creates impart a hazy, ethereal quality to scenes that are otherwise rather quotidian.  

The subject of Richard Mosses Infra series is the war-torn eastern Congo. He used Kodak Areochrome, a discontinued film with infra-red capabilites once used for military surveillance, which changes the green in his landscapes to varied shades of pink and purple, while the greys and browns take on a strange blue-green cast. Though this series has the brightest colors of the three, to me its images are somehow the darkest.


  1. The last few remind me of Dr. Suess books, especially The Lorax!

  2. i know just what you mean! especially the one of the mean bulldozer.

  3. I teach about infrared in my classes! If I ever get around to buying a filter, we should take some!