im lovin it: FLORAL TROUSERS

Striped shirt + floral skirt = something of a springtime uniform for me. Its preppy and I like it. But when I moved, I got rid of almost all of my floral skirts. Plus, it isnt spring yet. Whats a girl to do? Buy a pair of floral trousers, of course. Now I know that a lot of whats out there is tacky, and/or made of jersey and spandex (jeggings?) But I didnt say leggings, I said trousers (though I would also accept some tasteful denim). This is what I mean:

 From Pixie Market ($64) & Warehouse ($89)

image of debbie harry via here (thanks, lanie!)

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  1. see, garance feel the same way! http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2012/02/22/now-i-want/