like Sophie La Giraffe, another thing I hadnt heard of until I had a baby (actually I found out about sophie while I was pregnant but you know what I mean). When you eat too many orange foods, your nose, the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet can turn orange! It mostly happens to babies, I suppose because a large portion of their diet, when they start eating solid food, is made up of fruit and vegetables. I dont know about your baby (or whether or not you even have one...) but Felix definitely favors orange foods: sweet potatoes, carrots, the orange mixed vegetables but certainly not the green ones, and even oranges themselves. He doesnt actually look orange in real life--its usually more apparent in fairer people, and we have a pretty swarthy baby--but this photograph is evidence of his affliction, albeit invisible to the naked eye. Apparently it goes away if you just stop feeding them orange food... but thats his favorite kind!

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