photo constructs by Scott Hazard

I wanted to call these collages, but apparently theyre Photo Constructs, by artist Scott Hazard (do you think thats his real name?) made by tearing concentric holes in photographs and then layering them ontop of eachother. I like how the subject matter of the photographs (doorways, telephone wires, rooftops) plays up the bizarre nature of the portal-esque holes in the sky produced by the photo-layering. Theyre so sci-fi, dont you think? He makes what are called Text Constructs, as well--but due to the repetition of the word endless and the like, I find them a little pretentious. Or, corny. Or, something. No offense, Scott...

via trendland 

im lovin it: 90s SLIP DRESSES

While Im not in favor of the pajamas-as-day-clothes look, I (perhaps hypocritically) do so love a 90s-esque slip dress, and Topshop has a slew of new ones for sale. Its not really warm enough to wear them yet, but I imagine breezing about hottest London (or, Essex...) this summer in one of these floaty, flimsy frocks: 

Strappy Button-Front Midi Dress ($70)                           Fluro Dip Hem Dress ($96)

               Pink Maxi Cover Up ($76)                         Porcelain Floral Dip Hem Dress ($76)

 Swing V Slip Dress in Fluro Flower ($136) & Black ($120)



I like rainbow colors when theyre all together, but if you have to go with just one color, white is my favorite in the world of product packaging and interior/graphic design. Theres not a lot to say about the Tumblr Brand Spirit--just, pictures of every-day objects, spray painted white, on a white background. Its as minimal as still life gets, Im pretty sure. I cant quite explain why it appeals to me so strongly...but I love it! And this site so peaceful. Dont you find?

i dont get it: SPRING PAJAMA TREND

Im sorry but I just dont get it! Admittedly, its an improvement from the PINK pajama pants+Hoodie +Uggs+full-makeup look so commonly sported by the (probably?) sorority girls at the various colleges/universities Ive attended/visited in the past... BUT NOT BY MUCH. I dont even let my baby out of the house in pajamas, and baby clothes and baby pajamas are practically the exact same thing. The trend featured most heavily at Stella McCartney ready-to-wear:

And, yeah, maybe that does look super comfy and chic for at home lounging, and the heels class it up a bit (though not really the slide-sandals, sorry...) but would you really wear it out of the house?
 Really, you would? Like, all together as an outfit? 

Ok, but what about these: 

 (clockwise from top left: JW Anderson, Jil Sander, No. 21, Richard Nicoll)

I hate head-to-toe matching, so if one were to try this trend it ought most certainly to be worn as separates. I will say that I sort of like the look of that gauzy 60s babydoll number from Richard Nicoll, in an I-secretly-wish-I-was-princess-Jasmine sort of way... but the rest of it either looks old man/little boy/crazy grandma to me (you can guess which one is which). Moreover, this is undeniably a trend that will look and seem completely ridiculous come this time next year, which automatically disqualifies it as something I would consider. Its all about the classics, people. 

images from style.com 


i am folks!

Yeah, ok, I look young for my age. Its been this way ever since I was old enough for there to be younger ages for people to assume I was--Im talking like, since I was six or so. Its super frustrating when youre trying to buy a drink at a bar and they wont serve you despite the fact that you have your passport, because it isnt a state issued ID and they assume you faked a British passport just to get served a drink at some stupid bar, because that makes sense no big deal, and Im pretty used to it by now. But I sort of figured that the combination of being (almost) 27 and having a baby child would cure strangers of their tendency to assume that Im in high school. Apparently not the case for the salesman this winter who, upon me answering the door holding said baby in my arms, asked me if my folks were home; or the repairman who asked if I was on spring break when he came to fix the dryer this morning, and then assumed I was the babysitter. Sheesh. 

As it turns out, after seeing the March Lookbook for Zara Girl, I wish I looked even younger. Like, nine. Ten? Shes probably about ten, right? Ok so I dont actually want to look exactly like this little lady, but I do want to wear all of these stupid clothes she has on. Specifically, that waffle sweater, those pink jeans, and those shiny gold ballerinas. So. Fucking. Cute. 


images from Zara.com

collective snapshots

To make the beautiful pictures in his Collective Snapshots series, American photographer Pep Ventosa layered multiple photographs of twelve popular tourist attractions on top of each other. He describes the resulting images as representative of our collective memory of the landmarks. They look like impressionist paintings to me, which I guess they sort of are. The city-scapes especially make me think of Monet. Is impressionist photography a thing?


Jil Sander fall 2012

At first I liked this collection, and then I found out that the runway soundtrack featured Fade Into You by Mazzy Star--only my favorite band of all time ever--and then I LOVED this collection. Srsly, you guys. In fact, I think it might be that I like the runway show even better than the collection itself, what with the so-romantic grungy 90s music and the (seemingly) exclusively Russian cast with their bright red lips, and the way they all clutched their coats closed as they walked the catwalk. Granted, I wasnt actually at this show... but thanks to style.com, I feel like I was. You know? Of course, the clothes themselves are pretty remarkable. I love the soft blushy neutrals paired with navy (and, again the bright pops of poppy--a theme of 2012, it would seem), the color blocking on those slip dresses, and the roomy cut of those amazing coats. Also, those ball dresses! The neck, the cut, the draping, and (especially) the length... theyre absolutely perfect! I want one to wear to the ball!

images from style.com


I ♥ Celestino Piatti

These are just a few of the 300+ posters created by Swiss-born Celestino Piatti (1922-2007), one of my favorite artists. His distinctive style is immediately recognizable. Things I like about it include the bold yet smudgy brushstrokes he uses to outline his drawings, the rich, primary, rainbow palette he uses to color them in, and that his work almost always features (rather charismatic) animals. He also illustrated nine childrens books, which I cant wait to show to Felix! Fun fact: the typeface Piatti used for most of his posters, Akzidenz-Grotesk, was Max Meidingers inspiration for Helvetica. Did you know that?!




images from animalarium