im lovin it: CHLOE DRESSES

Its easy to get excited about the new spring collections when they come out way at the beginning of the fall, but how on earth do you get excited about fall clothing when it debuts at the very earliest start of spring, right when its finally getting warm again? I know these dresses arent the newest on the scene, but its been at least 80 degrees all week, and I keep seeing this ad in magazines: 

Makes me want to wear one of these beautiful flow-y dresses, from Chloes Spring Ready-to-Wear collection:


The pastel-on-white stripes and breezy pleats of the top two dresses only make me think of The Seaside in the 1930s. Like, Brighton. Or, something? So do the drop-waists of the bottom two. 
What a dream! Pure summer time. 

top image from here; runway shots from style.com

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