im lovin it: CASUAL MERMAID

I dont know if you know this about me, but I wish I was a mermaid. To wit, Im of course very pleased that mermaids are Totally In this spring. You can get all frosty sparkly like they did at Chanel, but to my mind the best way to achieve a mermaid look is to pair a beautiful, liquid, shimmery, ocean-colored skirt with sporty neutral pieces, and just, you know, be casual. The way I imagine a real mermaid would. And maybe wear some pearl earrings. This skirt from J Crew is exactly what Im talking about:

I also like these trousers from Theyskens Theory:

and, for a more formal occasion, I love the look of this cerulean skirt from Katie Ermilo:

So dreamy. Id love to wear this to the school ball Im attending in May! Can you even imagine?!

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