Ruslan Khasanov Typography

Id never really thought about an action font before but thats how I would describe Liquid Calligraphy, a project by Ruslan Khasanov. Its what Id imagine whispering would look like, if you could see it, done properly. I dont know why, but I also find this video a little spooky... maybe because all the letters look like theyre dying as they fade away. Or, they look like ghosts. Or, something. But I find I always find high high contrast slightly eerie? Here are some stills:

In the same vein, but more static, is Micro Type, a trippy and vibrant typeface inspired by microorganisms:

Almost moreso than the letters themselves, I find the detail shots so so beautiful, and think they would be amazing blown up very large and hung on a wall behind a sofa or a bed in a beautiful apartment somewhere. Or something. I wonder if he would turn these into prints and sell them to me, for free:

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