i am folks!

Yeah, ok, I look young for my age. Its been this way ever since I was old enough for there to be younger ages for people to assume I was--Im talking like, since I was six or so. Its super frustrating when youre trying to buy a drink at a bar and they wont serve you despite the fact that you have your passport, because it isnt a state issued ID and they assume you faked a British passport just to get served a drink at some stupid bar, because that makes sense no big deal, and Im pretty used to it by now. But I sort of figured that the combination of being (almost) 27 and having a baby child would cure strangers of their tendency to assume that Im in high school. Apparently not the case for the salesman this winter who, upon me answering the door holding said baby in my arms, asked me if my folks were home; or the repairman who asked if I was on spring break when he came to fix the dryer this morning, and then assumed I was the babysitter. Sheesh. 

As it turns out, after seeing the March Lookbook for Zara Girl, I wish I looked even younger. Like, nine. Ten? Shes probably about ten, right? Ok so I dont actually want to look exactly like this little lady, but I do want to wear all of these stupid clothes she has on. Specifically, that waffle sweater, those pink jeans, and those shiny gold ballerinas. So. Fucking. Cute. 


images from Zara.com

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