i dont get it: SPRING PAJAMA TREND

Im sorry but I just dont get it! Admittedly, its an improvement from the PINK pajama pants+Hoodie +Uggs+full-makeup look so commonly sported by the (probably?) sorority girls at the various colleges/universities Ive attended/visited in the past... BUT NOT BY MUCH. I dont even let my baby out of the house in pajamas, and baby clothes and baby pajamas are practically the exact same thing. The trend featured most heavily at Stella McCartney ready-to-wear:

And, yeah, maybe that does look super comfy and chic for at home lounging, and the heels class it up a bit (though not really the slide-sandals, sorry...) but would you really wear it out of the house?
 Really, you would? Like, all together as an outfit? 

Ok, but what about these: 

 (clockwise from top left: JW Anderson, Jil Sander, No. 21, Richard Nicoll)

I hate head-to-toe matching, so if one were to try this trend it ought most certainly to be worn as separates. I will say that I sort of like the look of that gauzy 60s babydoll number from Richard Nicoll, in an I-secretly-wish-I-was-princess-Jasmine sort of way... but the rest of it either looks old man/little boy/crazy grandma to me (you can guess which one is which). Moreover, this is undeniably a trend that will look and seem completely ridiculous come this time next year, which automatically disqualifies it as something I would consider. Its all about the classics, people. 

images from style.com 

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