happy valentines day!

Happy Valentimes, everyone! 
Dont you just love valentines day? (that wasnt  a pun...) I dont care if its fake or whatever, I think its sweet and jolly and I love any holiday that encourages the use of actual paper stationary. I dont care about your smartphone--people love getting cards in the mail!

Speaking of which: Im way into these aDORKable (can I say that anymore without it being taken as a reference Zooey Deschanel? because I am most certainly NOT referencing Zooey Deschanel) valentines by Nicole Martinez. Available as prints or greeting cards, you can check them out at her etsy shop NerdyDirty. Its a little late to buy them for valentines day this year, but theyll still be cute next year...or, do like I do and simply post them on the facebook walls of all your favorite cuties!

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