When youre the mother of a sweet little baby, you come to fully appreciate the functionality of totes. Used properly, they can save you from the need to carrying one of those cloyingly ugly diaper bags that for some reason are decorated like the baby is the one carrying it around, not his fully grown adult mother with at least a little self respect. Anyway.

What Im trying to say is that Ive become pretty well-versed in the tote market of late. I like a leather tote for normal daytime (especially in the winter) but for my impending summer holidays at the seaside that I cant stop thinking about even though theyre months away, cotton/canvas totes feel more appropriate. These handmade coil sash rope numbers by Doug Johnston are perfect:

Offered in a limited color palette (white, grey, and restrained primaries) these simple bags are the antithesis of all of the horrid diaper bags I was talking about earlier. I also love the color blocking! And it isnt just totes His entire collection is definitely worth a look. I especially love this two-hump basket: 

images via dougjohnson.net

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