cutecutecute: EVA Air

This plane looks like it was decorated by a giant six year old armed with a giant booklet of Sanrio stickers. Its one of three in EVA Airs Taipei-based Hello Kitty-themed fleet: Magic flies to Sapporo and Guam, Apple to Seoul and Fukuoka, and Global to Hong Kong and Tokyo. So youd have to be in the right area to use them. But what if you were?? I imagine its prettttttty expensive, but how adorable! Personally, I already enjoy flying. But I feel like, it would be hard not to on a plane like this. That is, if you appreciate adorability. And who doesnt?? 

look at the seats!
and the paraphernalia! 
even the bathrooms are adorable--look at those little soap bottles!
plus how lucky would you feel to eat one of these baby bento-box kids meals!? Even if it tasted gross, would you notice? I wonder if the adult meals are as adorable...

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