cant look you in the voice

 In this telegram, sent to her editor in June 1945, Dorothy Parker (my hero of life, in case you didnt know) perfectly describes why it is I feel so much more comfortable communicating with my friends, or family, or anyone, for that matter, in print rather than on the telephone: its simply too intense for me! Maybe I dont seem it so maybe people dont realize, but Im actually very shy! But, only on the telephone. Theres just something about it. Actually, the anxiety of calling someone on the telephone is always worse than the actual conversations, which are usually quite jolly. But whenever I know Im meant to phone someone, I suddenly get very nervous about it and think of any excuse not to. Really, its very rude, and I appologize to anyone who has learned this about me first hand... but I just will always always prefer an old-fashioned letter, even if its sent over the internet (though ideally, it wont be). I just wish more people felt the same way about snailmail! You can read more correspondence by Ms Parker, and many others, on letters of note, a wonderful blog that is about to be a book (arent they all these days?). 

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