Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013

Obviously, Burberry Prorsum is the authority when it comes to trenches, and Christopher Baileys spring 2013 collection was no exception. There were plenty of smart, wearable macs, cropped and knee-length, in friendly neutrals and creamy whites--any of which I would wear in a heartbeat, and for the rest of the year my life. In fact, the show relied so heavily on its outerwear that much of what underlied it barely even passed for streetwear:  were talking 1940s style sating bathing suits and ruched satin hot pants.  
 Unlike this falls collection, in which equally covetable trenches were done mainly in the neutral tones de rigeur for the design house, and in the wools and velvets you expect from any fall collection,  this spring was a jewel-toned rainbow of shimmering iridescence:
 Of course, colorful clothing isnt unusual for springtime, even for burberry. But what I find surprising about this is how fanciful it all looks, coming from a brand thats usually known for its neutral-hued wearability. These girls look like dragonflies. Or, birds of paradise. Or, magical lizards. Or, something. Its making me seriously reconsider metallics. And how great are those shiny shiny brightest yellow heels, and isnt it amazing how they go with absolutely everything? (actualy, all the shoes are pretty great, including some of the best wedges ive ever seen)

images via style.com

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