speaking of some designers all doing the same thing, I noticed something about the collections from two prominent American designers: Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors seem to have a very similar idea about what we should be wearing next spring. Yes, the Michael Kors show had a lot more color and variation throughout, and was perhaps more commercially accessible; and sure, Marc Jacobs was clownier, more conceptual (and, in my opinion, the cooler of the two). But take a look at these side-by-side images from these two collections, and tell me Im wrong: it could almost pass for one big show!

Chase thinks the cause of this and other similarities among designers, season by season, is an independent third party (or, perhaps, a coalition of the more influential design houses) that convene periodically to decide what will be In in any given season, and then instruct/inform the industry as to what trends they should pursue. To me that sounds wrong, but then again, doesnt it make sense? I only wish I knew what really goes on!

images via style.com

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