nerd alert, continued

So, all I can really think about these days is Game of Thrones (the in-my-brain title for the book series, not the television series, even though I know that the books are actually called A Song of Ice and Fire, but its just that I watched the first season of the television series before I started reading the novels (sorry) and plus, its easier to say game-of-thrones than it is to say a-song-of-ice-and-fire). Anyway, the show-version is okay... but, just ok, really. Especially after youve read the series, its a little too glossy and a little too cheesy, in a way I cant really put my finger on, and doesnt really capture fully the creepy scary rawness of the stories. When I imagine the books in my mind, they look more like a Eliot Lee Hazel film, if only Eliot Lee Hazel made movies instead of taking fuzzy, dreamy, sort-of-scary photographs. His work isnt all so fantastical, but some of it is exactly what Im talking about. Like this:

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