felix the finick

I'm having a real hard time with this boy these days, you guys! He srsly will not eat anything. Except peanut butter, always and forever. And, I can't understand it! Chase and I are both adventurous and fairly healthy eaters, for the most part (we do love pizza). Unfortunately, both of us specialize in desserts. Combine that with easy access to the confectionary run by his adoring grandparents, and it's not surprising that Felix has developed quite a sweet tooth. It's an inclination which may or may not be in his blood; I wasn't always so easy going in my tastes and habits, you know. In fact, I was unbearably picky as a girl and went to bed with no supper many an evening because of it. Which I've always suspected as the reason I never grew as tall as my siblings, who actually ate square meals growing up. Who knows where I'd be today if I'd taken a liking to broccoli as a child? 

I know they say that when little ones are in their (seemingly indefinite) willful phase, you just have to keep presenting the things they wont eat over and over again until they finally come around, while reacting as little as possible to the varied reception of said offerings. Which is fine, only, in this economy? You're just supposed to repeatedly prepare meals that you know full well have about a 15% chance of being eaten? You don't want to waste it, obviously, so then what do you do--take meals in turns, so that you eat whatever he doesn't? Leftovers that you then have to reheat because they're already cold, having been picked at by a two year old for the past forty minutes? No thank you. Not very conspicuous, either, hovering over them while they decide what on their plates, if anything, they deem acceptable, knowing that you'll be left with the refuse. And it's not like he has anyone else to eat with, so it's not a very convivial plan, either--his chef father works nights, so I'm left preparing meals for two one-and-a-quarter most days. 

The solution is probably to go cold turkey and stop serving anything remotely sweet, insubstantial, or routine, forcing Felix, by threat of hunger, to try whatever it is he's supposed to be eating. Vegetables, I believe. Only the problem is, only eats fruit! Fruit, eggs, potatoes, bread, milk, and peanut butter. It's really not so bad, right? Lots of lovely people live on fruit alone, and they seem to be doing just fine. So hopefully, it's nothing to worry about! right?!?!1

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