imlovinit: SUMMER SLIDES

When choosing one's back-to-school outfit, there is of course one element that stands above, while lying below, all other considerations: footwear! For, while we're playing fashion's notable quotables, in the infamous words of Christian Dior, 

"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think they're unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet." 

Words to live by, to be sure. While I probably ought to be preparing for future success by way of autumnal footwear, I've still got summertime on my mind. And in my book, there is no better pool-side option than a pair of graphic black-and-white athletic slides. You know the kind I mean:

As you may recall, I do love a logo... but in this instance you can't really go wrong with a minimal adidas tri-stripe. Now, I have a feeling that the footwear in question probably isn't what Monsieur Dior had in mind, but then again who's to say? Because, while the majority of people IRL with whom I've discussed my preoccupation with the iconic adidas slide have expressed reservations, just see how sophisticated they can be if you give them the chance:

Thanks, pinterest. You can see how natural a part these would play in transitional seasonal dressing, if only you were lucky enough to own a pair! In order for them to become the fall footwear of twenny-fourteen, one need only add a ribbed athletic logo ankle sock--preferably in a rival brand, à la Edward Enninful's styling in "Why Be Normal When You Can Be Normal And Then Some?" the spot-on normcore editorial by Craig McDean recently featured in the august issue of W Magazine

Pretty perfect. Though, in terms of sophistication, by far my favorite combination are the manolo blahnik sandals paired with these sheer knee-high adidas stockings, that allegedly cost $18 on adidias.com but don't actually seem to exist anywhere on the internet. Which could mean that I'm not very good at searching--but I did try my best! 

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