the platonic striped top

Remember the only striped shirt I have? I like it a lot and people always compliment it, but like I said before, for some reason I feel like its not quite the perfect, platonic striped shirt. Because the stripes are too wide. Ive been thinking a lot about this, and Ive decided that the thickness of a stripe is inversely proportionate to the coolness of a shirt, as the wider the stripe is, the more deliberately 'stripey' the top appears, and therefore less incidentally cool. Also, I think the dark/light stripes should be of equal width, which explains why the top I got from Uniqlo isnt exactly perfect, despite its black stripes being very thin. Incidentally, I used to have one that looked pretty much exactly like the one ol' kurt is wearing, above. Only it was an XL from gapkids--so, while pleasantly boxy, it was not particularly flattering to my ladyshape. So I got rid of it, pre-move. What Im trying to say is, I need another one! Ive learned my lesson about boxy crew-necks (the lesson is that they look much better on a boy) so it cant look exactly exactly like Kurts, unfortunately. The best, most feminine iteration Ive found is this top, which, sorry, I already told you about (twice)--but its only perfect and I cant stop thinking about it:

The peplum isnt exactly grunge, but Im pretty sure I could dress it down... or up! And speaking of perfect stripey tops from JCrew... technically, an ideal striped top can only be white/cream+navy/black, but youre allowed to have more than one top, you know, and they dont all have to be perfect. These comme des garcons shirts are exactly like mine, but in fun new colors, and I want them all! Except that theyre like a million dollars each. Ill let you know when I find them on ebay, which is where I got my first one, for like a fifth of the price of these. Suckers!

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