french mongolian

My dearest friend Ivy and I once tried to describe our winter 'looks' in two words. Actually, it was more aspirationally prescriptive than descriptive, but it served as good inspiration. A couple we came up with: colonial grunge (that was Ivys, and pretty spot-on, really); disco indian; and (this was one of mine) french mongolian. Actually, my truer, more accurate descriptor was Gypsy Prep, but Ill go into that another time... Anyway. The basic idea of French Mongolian is to wear a lot of rustic, fur-embellished winter layers over striped shirts and miniskirts, plus some gold hoop earrings, braids, and probably some smudgy eye-liner. Obviously, it doesnt really work in the summer time: 

Its a look I still aspire to every winter, and which was captured somewhat perfectly (make-up notwithstanding) in So Fern, So Nah, an editorial shot by Alexi Lumbomirski for the December issue of German Vogue. Honestly? Its more Swedish-Samurai... but the vibe is nearly the same.

What a winter wonderland! Amirite?

collage by me on polyvore; photos by Alexi Lumbomirski via here

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