field of my dreams

On a fruitless e-quest to remember the name of the editorial by Tim Walker that included this photograph--which, incidentally, is featured in the Gypset Travel, the new photographic anthology of 'bohemian wanderers' by Julia Chaplin which, incidentally, and despite its somewhat offensive title, I would like to read very badly--I remembered about this other editorial, also for Vogue, shot in 2008 by Mario Testino. Felid of Dreams it was called, and it featured a beautiful baby-faced Natalia Vodianova  frolicking in a midsummer wonderland with her sweetest baby family. If I could pick any one single editorial to be my life forever, this would certainly and obviously be it. The clothes are beautiful (flowers + stripes + ballet pink, what could be better?), the dappled leafy setting is what heaven looks like in my mind, and everyone looks like a magical fairy elf. It makes me want to have more children? And a parasol. 

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