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Despite my inadvertently preppy sartorial leanings, I dont care much for the Hilfiger design house, I do like their group-photo style campaign photos, even though I sort of hate them at the same time--everyone in them just looks so smug and privileged, in a way that makes me jealous. You know? Anyway, I wont go on and on about this... but I took one look at this most recent ad campaign and thought, where have I seen that look before? That burgundy/brown/grey check, that dark red ribbon detail, that brass hardware embellishment? And I then I thought, oh yeah...

It makes sense that Tommy Hilfigers Town and Country collection is exactly where youd find the modern iteration of priveledged victorian fancy girl, Samantha Parkington... That young dark haired girl is like, samantha come to life, basically. Obviously this will peg me in a particular generation and (somewhat roughly defined) socio-economic status, but Oh Man, I remember the year I got my Samantha doll... best christmas ever, Im pretty sure. But what Im saying is, Im sure there will be some of you who wont relate to anything Im saying--boys, younger people, older people, cooler people... I get it. Anyway, so. Is Mr. Hilfiger aware of this influence? Well, I  did a little (wiki) research, and he does have three daughters, the oldest of which is my exact age... and I cant imagine the richie-rich daughters of a classic american designer wouldnt have had one of these classic american dolls. Right? So is he straight up copying, or do you think its inadvertent? You be the judge. 

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