hoop hoop

 Ive been wearing my tiny gold hoop earrings all week. Theyre just what Im in the mood for these days, but seeing a baby Kirsten Dunst wearing hers in Jumanji last night made me realize why: Theyre the perfect, 90s, feminine-grunge accessory. Counter-intuitively, grunge as a Look is about appearing not to care about ones looks, beyond a functional standpoint, and jewelry is inherently ornamental/non-functional, which is a problem. But tiny gold hoop earrings have this incidental quality to them that make them look just right. As if youve just happened to have them in your ears for always. You dont ever remember putting them in. You were born wearing them. Maybe its because gold hoop earrings are probably one of the oldest kind of jewlery there is in the world (I assume?). Of course they can look fancy, I think, if you do it right--in fact, they compliment every 90s look, from Elaine Benes working woman, to Hope Sandovals grunge lady-babe, to Angela Chases girlish ragamuffin (a look that comes so naturally in winter)

Plus, theyre perfect with a denim jacket, which thanks to global warming, is still appropriate outerwear in november. Another great thing about them is that, as jewelry goes, tiny gold hoops (I like mine on the smaller side) are pretty affordable. For example, these super cute 14k gold ones are only $15:
You can find them, and many more, on Etsy. Its fun!
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