90s fusion

So technically this editorial for French Glamour, styled by Sebastien Cambos and starring Rintje Van Witjck, was inspired by the ever popular Margot Tenenbaum, and I know that Wes Anderson is so totally played out right now... But lately all I can think about, and all I want my life to look like, is a perfect nineties combination of My So Called Life and Clueless (and Ive got the headbands, denim jackets, and ankle-length stretchy floral dresses to prove it, guys). This totally hits the nail on the head: her brassy bob, surly glare, and multiple layers are are totally Angela Chase, but the supes preppy elements--that rabbit, those socks--are so Cher. Actually, what with all the bling, maybe a little more Dion? Its hard to say. 

images by naomi wang via fgr

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