how cute are...

...these cookies, from Japanese bakery Henteco? Seriously. That toasted coconut hedgehog? Major inspiration for impending (but still far-in-the-future) kids parties and school bake sales. And also, any holiday I can think of, because who doesnt like adorable pastry? Where do you get cookie cutters like that, you ask? Well, though I couldnt find the exact same ones that made the cookies you see here, I nevertheless found some pretty cute shit, on Etsy, of course. I dont know if you know this about me, but I have sort of a thing for cookie cutters (I want to be ready for all the bake sales) and Ive learned that, to find the most adorable selection, the trick is to search, not for cookie cutters, but for bento box molds. Theyre mostly meant for shaping rice and/or sandwiches into bears, bunnies, fruits--even rocketships!--but theres no reason you cant used them for cookies, too! You could easily re-create these with a kitty/bunny-head shaped cutter:

Ive said it before and Ill say it again (and so will everyone else, probably): The Japanese know cute, better than pretty much anyone. 

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