being a housewife is fun!

Sometimes, every now and again, I start to thinking and imagining about how much whiskey-drinking fun my far-away friends, for the most part single and childless, must be having: staying out late, going to brunch, doing whatever they want! Always! It makes me jealous in an abstract, nostalgic kind of way that doesnt necessarily take into account the daily grind that presents itself in their lives as it does in mine. But the intensely more domestic life Im now living can be fun and exciting and fashionable in its own, different way. Its so precious and personal and gives me a feeling of purpose I sometimes lacked in the before-time. You know what I mean? Beyonce knows what Im talking about, I bet. And this editorial, photographed by Arthur Elgort for the November issue of American Vogue captures exactly the vibe Im trying to describe. Starring a glamorously frazzled Karlie Kloss as a sweet, suburban mother-of-two, its particular aesthetic is inherently bound to motherhood; without the children, the whole thing would be an entirely different story. Just like my life, you guys. And while this is set in the summertime, I think that wintertime/the holiday season is, arguably, the best time to have a sweet little family of your own, because of how much time you spend being snuggly indoors. But these pix definitely make me excited for roadtrips this summer!

PS did I tell you we bought a minivan??

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