hello, my precious

 I thought Id lost them! But over the thanksgiving break my dear sister Judith assured me that my most precious Hello Kitty Tarot Deck is around, somewhere, and that shell bring it to me for christmas. Its long been a dream of mine to design my own tarot deck, but in my opinion this one is so close to perfect that its almost like, whats the point? I honestly cant think of anything in my life--aside from the bee-bee boy, of course--that I find so simultaneously adorable, precious, magical, and inspiring. Just see for yourself:

Designed by Joe Rosales, and subsequently banned by Sanrio, its obviously not The Thing for every tarot reader, but for me its The Best. Ive had other tarot decks, of course, but this one is obviously the most special and magical--and, I find, the most accurate.You may not believe me, and you may also wonder how I could lose something that I claim is so precious--but thats just a thing about me, I guess. The more I want to keep something, the more easily it gets lost: sunglasses, my telephone, adorable tools of the occult...
 Its a problem! 

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