Felixs First Birthday!

It was Felixs first birthday two weeks ago! Its taken a while for the photos to arrive on the internets because I still use a film camera, and it takes ages to develop here... anyway. We went to the Zoo and Felix loved it! Also I learned a lesson: no matter how cold and wet it is where you live, whenever you go to the Zoo, it will be hot and sticky and horrible. Always. Im never not wearing shorts to the Zoo ever again. But we had a lovely time anyway, of course, and Felix loved seeing so many different animals! And breaking in his new birthday shoes! Wanna see some pixx?

Isnt Felix sweet with his dad?? He enjoyed almost everything, except for the giant horse in the petting zoo that made a loud horsey sort of noise, which frightened him so that he burst into tears. But we walked around some wallabies, and he was alright again. Then it was home, for birthday tea and presents!

He liked his presents ok (we got him a train, some shoes, and several new board books) but, in typical baby fashion, was more interested in the baby cake I made for him! It was such a sweet  time and Im so proud of my little babyboy! I even managed to get through the whole day without shedding a tear, which usually wouldnt be noteworthy but, now, is. 

 We love you, Fi!

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