oh glordy! happy fourth!

Speaking of dogs... England is great and all, but there are some things you just cant get here. Im talking about American Summer Food--specifically, hotdogs. Is there anything more delicious on a summers day? We had some at the Zoo, but, while they didnt make us barf or anything, they werent exactly what california dreams are made of. They might be on the menu at U.S.A. Fried Chicken, our local source for American cuisine which, needless to say, we havent tried yet... but I have a feeling that, if they were, we would be similarly disappointed. So Im super excited to go back to London and try James Knappetts new restaurant Bubbledogs, that he just opened on Charlotte Street with his wife Sandia Chang. The menu consists solely of hotdogs & champagne (actually, there will also be american and british craft beers, fancy specialty cocktails, and probably some sparkling wine). But not just regular old hotdogs, obviously--they will be fancy ones! Like the BLT, wrapped in bacon and served with caramelized lettuce and truffle mayo. Yum. And to make matters even better, theres a second, and secret, element of the restaurant, called the Kitchen Table, at which a maximum of nineteen guests will be served family-style at (you guessed it) a table in the restaurants kitchen, from a locally sourced and seasonally changing menu. It all sounds the best! And starting at six quid a dog, certainly doable--theyre only hotdogs, after all! 

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