The Art of Packing

We are headed to the Isle of Man on Saturday, but because Im working on Friday evening, that means packing tonight! I dont know if you know this about me but I love packing! And I ve been told Im pretty good at it, which is probably why my family tends to turn to me for help in the matter. But, since I know plenty of you lack my confidence in the subject (Im looking at you, Bwod), and because Im not there to help you should you be jetting off somewhere fancy for the weekend, it might interest you to know that Louis Vuitton has dedicated a portion of its website to helping people just like you learn to pack their bags properly, in the form of the interactive tutorial, The Art of Packing

Its interactive! Its easy! If youre like me (Im sure some of you are), its fun! And luckily, the directions apply even if you dont own a designer wardrobe, or a set of designer luggage in which to pack it. What a relief...

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