Pimkie Color Forcast

Pimkie, the french clothing store, recently launched the site (excuse me--an inspirational digital tool) Color Forecast, which shows you, in real time, what colors are trending in Europes fashion capitals. 
How does it work, you  ask? Welp, its easy. Images from cameras installed in the most fashionable areas of Antwerp, Milan, and Pari are fed into a program developed by interactive artists and developer Pedro Miguel Cruz. which collects moving pixels from the images on screen and sorts them into color sets according to color proximity. The sorted sets are then sent to a database which makes compilations per hour, day, or week of the colors per location.... it all seems very convoluted (not to mention expensive) for something as trivial as color trending. But, conveniently, the site also suggests articles of clothing available from Pimkie that will keep you on-color-trend with Europes most fashionable finest. Ok so maybe its a little silly, but in the end, I love colors, pie charts, and le shopping! Nest ce pas?

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