If youve ever tried walking around a party or a crowded restaurant with a tray full of stemware, then I dont have to explain to you why this tray is the best idea ever. It makes so much sense that I dont really understand a) why I never thought of it before and b) why everyone doesnt use them all the time. Look how easy it could be! Unfortunately, I cant read a word of the website that features this amazing invention, so I dont know where youd get one... but it cant be that hard to make, right? 

In other serving/presentation news, how cool (and very specific) are these Hungarian Platters of Friendship? The eight models in the collection from Dombon-a-Tanya are designed to coordinate the presentation of celebratory food platters (think flowers and champagne, or melon and prosciutto, for example). Theyre only the Perfect Thing for hostess and housewarming gifts! 

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