im lovin it: A LEATHER JACKET??

I think that, all of the sudden, I want a leather jacket? Because, how good do these look?

Only, Im afraid Stella McCartney will be mad at me! Plus, theyre crazy expensive. Which is why instead Im thinking about getting this PU number from topshop? 

It looks pretty legitimate, and the people that have it say that it looks and feels like real leather--which is important, because to me there is perhaps nothing tackier than obviously fake leather. Only... I dont know if I believe them. Im also supposed to spend my birthday money on a trench coat, because Ive been telling myself it would be the most useful piece of outerwear. But again... I just dont know. Maybe I should just order it, and find out? What do you think?

PS, also, its machine washable. How is that even possible?!

Images via here here and here

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