Sgt Peppers & Stella McCartney

And while were on the subject of resort wear... is it me, or is there a palpable Sgt Peppers-y thing going on at Stella McCartney 2013? Its in the palette of acid brights, the bell-bottom suits, the psychedellic, vaguely wall-papery, clashing patterns, the fringing, the all-around seventies vibe--not to mention the carnival-themed party she threw to launch the collection, which featured a brass band, you guys. I mean....


Right?? I mean, do you sort of see what I mean? The real question, I suppose, is did she do it on purpose?! Does she even know about it?! And would she appreciate the comparison or hate it? Honestly? Ive never met her so I have no idea

 album images from here & here; clothing images via style.com

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