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Of all the photographs in Menno Adens Room Portrait series, my favorite are the ones of kitchens. Its fascinating to see, in such a real, lived-in way, how other people organize and arrange these spaces. Equally, its interesting to think how all of the kitchens Ive ever had would look from this angle--which, apparently, is specifically calibrated to reduce 3D spaces to a flat, floor-plan like appearance. Plus it makes me super eager for when Chase and I have a kitchen of our own! You have no idea how organized it will be. Omg. 

Another reason I like these more than the portraits of bedrooms, say, is that the lines and shapes of a kitchen seem inherently neater and more visually appealing than just an aerial shot of a rumpled bed. To me, anyway. And while some may argue that seeing someones bedroom is more romantic and intriguing, I think that, since a kitchen is at once functional and very personal, the way someone organizes theirs is perhaps more indicative of their character. For different reasons, I like the basement/garage entries in this series: 
So modern they are: the smudges and smears are organic, but the medium, and the geometry, is man-made; the appearance immediately is that of a painting, but really its a photograph of something intensely mundane. Its an interesting contrast. I like the full spectrum of bruise-colored greys, from greeny yellows, to dust and chalk, to indigo and violet. I wonder what kind of lighting/filters were used to achieve that effect? If only I knew anything about it.  

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