the city & the sea

Just my luck, the summer we decide to come live in England begins with the wettest (and what felt like the coldest) June on record. But I know that in America its so so hot and steamy and sticky and sexxy right now. Obviously, I wouldnt think it was so great if I was there, necessarily... the grass is always greener and blah blah blah. But, Im serioulsy craving some summer heat right now. The kind depicted in my these two series by Philip Barlow, of the two best places to be in the summertime: The City, and The Sea

I love his technique, how it looks like an out-of focus photo--especially the light on the water, those little circles. Its just how summer looks in your memory, isnt it? Which I guess is why these paintings resonate with me so strongly right now, since memories are all I have. *sniff*

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